Where We've Been

We were near Greenville, Kentucky on Sunday morning, September 17 for a homecoming service at the New Cypress Missionary Baptist Church.  We have been there on a few other occasions and always have a good time with the folks there.  We enjoyed a great morning worship and a delicious homecoming meal afterwards.  

We enjoyed another great day at the Gospel Music Extravaganza on Saturday afternoon, September 9.  We enjoyed hearing from For Heaven's Sake who were new to area, but the folks made them feel welcome in response to their music.  We shared more songs from our new CD, Worth It All.  Then Tribute Quartet closed out the afternoon in fabulous fashion and what an annointed and spirit-filled afternoon we experienced.  Thanks, again, to so many who came out to worship with us.

We had a great service at the Gospel Music Extravaganza on Friday night, September 8.  We had a great turnout with people from all over who had come to be with us.  We kicked off the night and shared some songs from our new CD.  Then The Conquerors kept things rolling and are always a fan favorite.  The Perrys closed the night with some fantastic songs and, best of all, the Holy Spirit showed up.  We were so blessed by our gospel singing friends who shared the evening with us and for all of our friends and supporters who showed up for the GME.  We are so blessed to know such wonderful people.  Can't wait to see what God will do at tomorrow's concert! 

We were near Mayfield and Murray, Kentucky in a little town called Farmington for a homecoming at the Bethany Baptist Church.  This was the first time we had been there and enjoyed meeting the folks at Bethany.  We appreciate For Heaven's Sake for recommending us for this homecoming service.  Such a sweet congregation of people and was good to see some old friends there, as well as make some new ones.

on Sunday morning, August 20, we traveled down to Collinsville, Illinois to Revive Church for the morning worship service.  We felt so welcome from the time we drove onto the parking lot until the moment we left. Pastor Holmes met us the moment we pulled in and there were some great young men who helped us with our equipment. The ladies were offering us coffee and pastries and loving on us.  The praise team sounded fabulous as the ushered us into worship.  What a spirit-filled service we enjoyed!  We also enjoyed being able to fellowship and spend some extra time with our sweet family friends, the McKenzies, who are part of the Revive Church congregation and ministries there.  We appreciate Bud and Karen Bollinger who drove over from Missouri to worship with us. We are so blessed to have such specil friends!!

We enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Illinois. On Saturday, August 19, we were in Manchester, Illinois for the Manchester Gospel Music Festival.  The Chosen Ones were great hosts for this event. It was held outdoors, and while the weather was hot, there were a lot of gospel music supporters who came out to support this event. We heard from some wonderful groups that we have never heard before-The Chosen Ones, Gloryway, the Mark Mathes Family-and we were also thrilled to share the time with some old friends, The Lesters from St. Louis.  They are such great folks and friends. 

What a great time we had at the Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church for their 178 homecoming on Sunday, August 6 in White Plains, Kentucky.  We always love to be with Bro. John and Brenda Shoulta and the wonderful congregation there.  I don't know how many years we have been there for their annual homecoming, but we always look forward to it and are returning in 2018.  That will be here before we know it.  We appreciate all that the support that have been to our family and our ministry endeavors over the years.  

On Saturday night, June 29, we were in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Capital Arts Theater with the same gang that we sang with on Friday night in Owensboro, but we had a whole new audience.  We had another fun night and enjoyed seeing the folks in the Bowling Green area.  We appreciate the Bollingers who came all the way from Missouri to be with us.  How special is that!!  We have some wonderful friends!

We were thrilled to see many friends at the Riverpark Center in Owensboro, Kentucky on Friday night, June 28 for the Gospel on the River concert which is part of the Friday After Five activities there.  We were blessed by some talented musicianship from Brother Paul Mosley and friends.  We were also introduced to a young man who was  seventeen years old and could play the guitar like Chet Atkins.  He could sing too!  His name was Parker and it appears that he has a bright futrue ahead in the music field.  We appreciate seeing our friends and meeting new ones.  Thanks to everyone who came out for gospel music in Owensboro!

We enjoyed a wonderful time with the New Salem Baptist Church just down the road in Nortonville, Kentucky on Sunday morning, July 23 for their homecoming service.  It was a special day and we were excited to see so many of our friends and supporters who attend church there.  They are such special people!  We enjoyed a delicious meal and wonderful fellowship after the service.  We appreciate Pastor Steve Rutherford and the congregation for allowing The Childress Family to be with them on their homecoming day.  

We were in West York, Illinois on Saturday, July 15 for a concert at The Barn which is part of the Crossties Christian Ministries on the Hickory Holler Campground.  We always enjoy being with The Guyers who operate and lead the ministry there.  They are such a wonderful family.  We had an almost packed house for the evening.  The folks enjoyed a delicious meal before the concert.  We appreciate a couple of churches from the area who came to be with us too.  We love the Guyers and the folks at The Barn.  

What an enjoyable night we had in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at the Western Kentucky State Fair on Sunday night, June 25 for the Faith & Family Night!  A praise band from the Edgwood Baptist Church opened up with some great worship music.  We enjoyed being part of such a special night with special people.  More fairs should have Faith & Family nights because I think those are two very important parts of our lives.  We appreciate our friends from the Hopkinsville area who came to be with us.  That made the evening even more special.  Thank you all for coming!

We were down the road in St. Charles, Kentucky on Sunday afternoon, June 11 for a homecoming service at the Union Temple General Baptist Church.  This was our first time to be with them and we had a great service.  The folks were very welcoming and willing to worship with us.  We enjoyed some great food and fellowship.  Thanks to Pastor David Hoard for the invitation.  A special thanks to Jordan for helping with the sound equipment. 

We had a great concert in Evansville, Indiana on Saturday night, June 10 with our friends, LambSong, at the Oak Hill Baptist Church. We always enjoy being with them and love them! We appreciate everyone who came out to be with us at the concert. We had several folks who had never heard our family, so we were excited to make some new friends. We appreciate the Bollingers, who have been such special friends to our ministry. They came all the way from Missouri to be with us at the concert. We enjoyed the evening!

What a special day we had at the homecoming services with Belmont Church in Morgantown, Kentucky on Sunday, June 4!  Pastor Gary Embry has a wonderful congregation there and a beautiful church.  The church was full and they love to worship the Lord.  We were made to feel so welcome.  We appreciate their hospitality, food and fellowship.  It was good to see our friends, the Scott Flener family.  Scott was a member of The Crossmen Quartet.  His wife's father is the pastor at Belmont.  What a wonderful family they are and we love them dearly!  It was a great day!

We enjoyed a wonderful homecoming service at Stuarts Chapel United Methodist Church in Lewisburg, Kentucky, which is near Russellville, on Sunday, May 28.  They had a fantastic turnout for homecoming and we were anticipating a great service, because we were with them last year and had the best time!  The folks love to worship and love music.  We enjoyed the service, the delicious food and wonderful fellowship.  Our friends, the Jessups, attend church there and after the service, we joined them at their home with some other family and folks for some more food, homemade ice cream and fellowship.  We have fallen in love with the folks there and appreciate their welcome to our family.  We enjoyed all of the other music that was presented at homecoming and hope to be back again sometime in the future.  Stuarts Chapel is doing great things in that community and we pray that God will continue to bless their work there.

We were in Dixon, Kentucky on Sunday morning, May 21 for a homecoming at the Lakeview Baptist Church.  It had been six years since we sang there because we recall singing at this particular church for their homecoming on the Sunday before our dear Shannon passed away on the very next day.  We had a wonderful service and were so happy to be with them again.  We also enjoyed some delicious food for the homecoming meal and sweet fellowship.  Thanks to all who helped us with the equipment and who woshipped with us during the service. 

There was such a sweet spirit in the service at the Whites Chapel Untied Methodist Church near Bowling Green, Kentucky in the Drake Community as we celebrated homecoming with them on Sunday afternoon, May 7. We had such a special time with the folks there.  Jamey requested prayer for his sister who has terminal cancer and they just stopped the service and had special prayer for her.  We appreciate it when churches will follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  What a blessing!  Everyone was just so kind and welcoming.  We enjoyed our time with them and hope we can join them again in the future.  

We had a wonderful evening with the folks at the First Methodist Church of Morganfield, Kentucky on Sunday night, April 30.  This was our first time there and we were excited to be with them.  It was a rainy night, but the rain cleared up and we made it through the evening.  We appreciate everyone who came to be with us.  We had some friends who had driven some distance to be with us.  We also appreciate all the help that was available to help us with the sound equipment loading in and out due to Jamey's arm situation from his surgery.  We look forward to being with the folks sometime again in the future.

What a campmeeting we had at Grapevine Baptist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 19-21.  Dr. Bob Morrison brought some great messages to stir our hearts and Tribute Quartet sang their hearts out.  We were so blessed!  Thanks to all of our friends who came to be with us.  Plans are already being made for Campmeeting-2018.  Don't miss it!

We were in Scottsville, Kentucky at the Berean Baptist Church for their anniversary Sunday on April 2.  We were reunited with an evangelist who used to preach at our youth church camps when we were young, Bro. Joe Decker.  He originally organizes the Berean Baptist Church and was there to preach their anniversary message.  They had a lot of singers in their church, so they didn't really need our singing, but we were so blessed by a young lady, Stephanie Kiser, who sang and had an amazing voice.

We enjoyed a wonderful time at the Kentucky Opry in Benton, Kentucky on Friday night, March 17.  In spite of the rainy weather and the fact that the NCAA basketball tournament was going on with Kentucky playing right in the middle of our concert time, we had a really great audience.  This was our first time there and we are looking forward to going back.  Little Miss Paige Cavanah was along with us and sang some songs.  She is a bundle of talent and the folks enjoyed her.  We appreciate everyone who came out to see us.  We had several friends from years past who came out to join us and it was so good to see all of them.  We also appreciate a couple of the DJ's from WVHM Christian Radio in Benton, Kentucky for coming out and joining us for the concert.



We hope to see you at a gospel singing soon, but until then we are...

In His Service,
The Childress Family

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