Where We've Been

We were in West York, Illinois on Saturday, July 15 for a concert at The Barn which is part of the Crossties Christian Ministries on the Hickory Holler Campground.  We always enjoy being with The Guyers who operate and lead the ministry there.  They are such a wonderful family.  We had an almost packed house for the evening.  The folks enjoyed a delicious meal before the concert.  We appreciate a couple of churches from the area who came to be with us too.  We love the Guyers and the folks at The Barn.  

What an enjoyable night we had in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at the Western Kentucky State Fair on Sunday night, June 25 for the Faith & Family Night!  A praise band from the Edgwood Baptist Church opened up with some great worship music.  We enjoyed being part of such a special night with special people.  More fairs should have Faith & Family nights because I think those are two very important parts of our lives.  We appreciate our friends from the Hopkinsville area who came to be with us.  That made the evening even more special.  Thank you all for coming!

We were down the road in St. Charles, Kentucky on Sunday afternoon, June 11 for a homecoming service at the Union Temple General Baptist Church.  This was our first time to be with them and we had a great service.  The folks were very welcoming and willing to worship with us.  We enjoyed some great food and fellowship.  Thanks to Pastor David Hoard for the invitation.  A special thanks to Jordan for helping with the sound equipment. 

We had a great concert in Evansville, Indiana on Saturday night, June 10 with our friends, LambSong, at the Oak Hill Baptist Church. We always enjoy being with them and love them! We appreciate everyone who came out to be with us at the concert. We had several folks who had never heard our family, so we were excited to make some new friends. We appreciate the Bollingers, who have been such special friends to our ministry. They came all the way from Missouri to be with us at the concert. We enjoyed the evening!

What a special day we had at the homecoming services with Belmont Church in Morgantown, Kentucky on Sunday, June 4!  Pastor Gary Embry has a wonderful congregation there and a beautiful church.  The church was full and they love to worship the Lord.  We were made to feel so welcome.  We appreciate their hospitality, food and fellowship.  It was good to see our friends, the Scott Flener family.  Scott was a member of The Crossmen Quartet.  His wife's father is the pastor at Belmont.  What a wonderful family they are and we love them dearly!  It was a great day!

We enjoyed a wonderful homecoming service at Stuarts Chapel United Methodist Church in Lewisburg, Kentucky, which is near Russellville, on Sunday, May 28.  They had a fantastic turnout for homecoming and we were anticipating a great service, because we were with them last year and had the best time!  The folks love to worship and love music.  We enjoyed the service, the delicious food and wonderful fellowship.  Our friends, the Jessups, attend church there and after the service, we joined them at their home with some other family and folks for some more food, homemade ice cream and fellowship.  We have fallen in love with the folks there and appreciate their welcome to our family.  We enjoyed all of the other music that was presented at homecoming and hope to be back again sometime in the future.  Stuarts Chapel is doing great things in that community and we pray that God will continue to bless their work there.

We were in Dixon, Kentucky on Sunday morning, May 21 for a homecoming at the Lakeview Baptist Church.  It had been six years since we sang there because we recall singing at this particular church for their homecoming on the Sunday before our dear Shannon passed away on the very next day.  We had a wonderful service and were so happy to be with them again.  We also enjoyed some delicious food for the homecoming meal and sweet fellowship.  Thanks to all who helped us with the equipment and who woshipped with us during the service. 

There was such a sweet spirit in the service at the Whites Chapel Untied Methodist Church near Bowling Green, Kentucky in the Drake Community as we celebrated homecoming with them on Sunday afternoon, May 7. We had such a special time with the folks there.  Jamey requested prayer for his sister who has terminal cancer and they just stopped the service and had special prayer for her.  We appreciate it when churches will follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  What a blessing!  Everyone was just so kind and welcoming.  We enjoyed our time with them and hope we can join them again in the future.  

We had a wonderful evening with the folks at the First Methodist Church of Morganfield, Kentucky on Sunday night, April 30.  This was our first time there and we were excited to be with them.  It was a rainy night, but the rain cleared up and we made it through the evening.  We appreciate everyone who came to be with us.  We had some friends who had driven some distance to be with us.  We also appreciate all the help that was available to help us with the sound equipment loading in and out due to Jamey's arm situation from his surgery.  We look forward to being with the folks sometime again in the future.

What a campmeeting we had at Grapevine Baptist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 19-21.  Dr. Bob Morrison brought some great messages to stir our hearts and Tribute Quartet sang their hearts out.  We were so blessed!  Thanks to all of our friends who came to be with us.  Plans are already being made for Campmeeting-2018.  Don't miss it!

We were in Scottsville, Kentucky at the Berean Baptist Church for their anniversary Sunday on April 2.  We were reunited with an evangelist who used to preach at our youth church camps when we were young, Bro. Joe Decker.  He originally organizes the Berean Baptist Church and was there to preach their anniversary message.  They had a lot of singers in their church, so they didn't really need our singing, but we were so blessed by a young lady, Stephanie Kiser, who sang and had an amazing voice.

We enjoyed a wonderful time at the Kentucky Opry in Benton, Kentucky on Friday night, March 17.  In spite of the rainy weather and the fact that the NCAA basketball tournament was going on with Kentucky playing right in the middle of our concert time, we had a really great audience.  This was our first time there and we are looking forward to going back.  Little Miss Paige Cavanah was along with us and sang some songs.  She is a bundle of talent and the folks enjoyed her.  We appreciate everyone who came out to see us.  We had several friends from years past who came out to join us and it was so good to see all of them.  We also appreciate a couple of the DJ's from WVHM Christian Radio in Benton, Kentucky for coming out and joining us for the concert.

We were in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area for our annual concert at the Berea Christian Church, which is always the first Sunday night in March each year.  We have been doing this for umpteen years (which means I can't remember how many, but it is several of them).  Pastor Richard Dike and his lovely wife, Debbie, had prepared a delicious Agape Meal for us and others. It was wonderful, but it is hard on the singers to try to breath and sing after such a meal.  We appreciate all of our "family" at Berea who came out to be with us and some other friends from the area who took the time to be with us.  Of course, we can't say thank-you enough to our best friend, Brenda Petty, who attends church there.  She has done so much for our family and our ministry.  We sure love her.  We just enjoyed a great evening and wonderful service! 

It was a cold and wintry night in Madisonville, Kentucky on Sunday night, January 29, but there was a warm spirit inside the Liberty Baptist Church where we we gathered for a gospel concert.  Each one in the family had been battling some sort of illness or medical issue in the days and weeks prior to the concert, so we weren't sure exactly who would be singing what part, but we knew that we would be there.  The Lord blessed us and we enjoyed a great concert.  We appreciate everyone who came out to be with us.  We enjoyed some great finger foods afterwards.  Thank you to our friends at home in Madisonville and at Liberty Baptist for a wonderful night.

What a special time we always have when we join with the choir at our home church, Grapevine Baptist Church, in Madisonville, Kentucky each year for a Christmas concert! We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our church choir that helps to lead us in worship each Sunday. The weather was not very cooperative, but we appreciate everyone who came to help us celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the Reason for the Season!

We enjoyed singing some of our Christmas music for those who were waiting to tour "Bethlehem" at the First Baptist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky on Sunday, December 11. They go to a great deal of work for such a special exhibit. It has become a wonderful tradition for many families to attend to remind them of what Bethlehme might have been like in the days when Christ was born. We appreciate this special gift to our community.

We were excited to join Concord General Baptist Church in Manirou, Kentucky on Sunday night, December 4 to celebrate the Reason for the Season with them.  We have been doing a Christmas concert for them for the past several years on the first Sunday night in December and it wouldn't seem like Christmas if we weren't with them to help kick off the Christmas season.  Pastor Eddie Fleming and the congregation there really LOVE Christmas and so do we!  It is always a special evening when we are there for the Christmas celebration.  We appreciate their congregation for having us and for our other friends who aren't members there but who came out for the concert on this rainy and cold night.  It was certainly warm and inviting inside as we remembered the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Wonderful food, fellowship, friends and night at the Howell General Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana at the Gifts of Love Banquet.  There was a great turnout and we even brought some good things home from the silent auction.  We are so blessed to be part of this special event with them.  They are such kind and giving people.  This helped get our Christmas season off to a great start.  Thanks to our friends who came to be with us. 

We were at the Vann Avenue Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana on Sunday morning, November 13 for the worship service.  We had a wonderful congregation and a special service with them.  We appreciate meeting the folks at Vann Avenue Baptist who have been supporters of our Gospel Music Extravaganza for many years.  Pastor Larry Lewis extended the invitaiton a few months ago and we had been looking forward to sharing with them.  Mom was experiencing some problems with high blood pressure but made it through the service.  Please keep her in your prayers.  We appreciate all of those who were so kind at the church, and we are also thankful for our other supporters who came to visit with us for the morning service.

What a great night it was for gospel music lovers at the Gospel Gala in Evansville, Indiana at the First Southern Baptist Church.  The Gospel Gala featured Lambsong as the hosts for the evening, The Childress Family and The Joylanders.  We absolutely love singing with those two groups.  We always have a great tme.  The were was a wonderful crowd and a sweet Spirit.  We were also blessed to hear from Marcy Kelsey Beckett, formerly of The Songmasters.  Ms. Marcy is the grandmother/great-grandmother to members of The Joylanders.  She can still and play a song like no one I know.  We appreciate many of our friends from home and from the Evnasville area who came to be with us.  We also appreciate the great hospitality of the First Southern Baptist Church and Lambsong.

We were in Lewisburg, Kentucky at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church for a concert on Sunday night, October 30.  This was our first time to be with the congregation there, and we had a great time!  There was a wonderful audience who had come out for an evening of gospel music.  We appreciate our friends from Stuarts Chapel, where had sung in May, who came out to be with us for the evening.  What a blessing! We appreciate Pastor Tim Nugent and Music Minister Larry Vaught for allowing us to minister.  We enjoyed hearing the choir and also the delicious food afterwards.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as we headed into Boonville, Indiana for a homecoming service at the Faith General Baptist Church. Pastor Ray Yonts had a crowd of folks ready to hel us load in the sound when we arrived. They always are some of the best workers at helping us with our equipment. We enjoyed a sprit-filled morning worship service with the congregation. Then we enjoyed a true feast spread for the homecoming lunch. They always have SO MUCH food and it is all delicious! Of course, the Yonts family have been friends for many years and we always love to spend time with them. Their church is also full of wonderful people and we always look forward to worshipping with them.

What a special day it was at the Howell General Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana as we were with them to celebrate their 193rd anniversary!  What a testimony of faithfulness for that congregation!  We have been going to Howell for almost all of our 45+ years in ministry and we still see many of the same faces that we saw when we first started going there.  We enjoyed a wonderful morning worship service and some delicious food, a lot of which was prepared by the hands of Pastor Terry Gamblin who is such a sweet spirited person.  It was also his birthday!  We appreciate Heather and Lynn Yonts who came to join us for the service too.  It is always good to be with our friends at Howell General Baptist.  We are looking forward to being with them again in November for their Gifts of Love fundraiser.  More information about that can be found on our schedule. 

We were in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Sunday morning, October 9, for a homecoming at the Plum Springs Baptist Church.  This was our first time at Plum Springs Baptist, but it was not the first time we have been with their pastor, Bobby Reno.  He was a pastor in our community for several years and has been in Bowling Green for almost a year now.  We were originally supposed to have our pastor, Dr. Bob Morrison, with us for the day, but he had his stem cell transplant this past week and his plans have been changed for most things over the past few months.  We were happy that Bro. Steve Rutherford from the New Salem Baptist Church, just down the road in Nortonville, Kentucky, was preaching for the special service.  We had a wonderful time and it was an absolutley beautiful church with a beautiful congregation.  We enjoyed some great food and fellowship and hope that we can be back with them again in the future.  We were without Courtney, though, because she was just flying in from south Florida where she had to sing at a wedding over the weekend.  Fortunately, she was able to get in and out before and after Hurricane Matthew.  We were glad to have some of our other friends from the Bowling Green area to come over and be with us for the service. 

What a thrill is was to have the opportunity to sing again on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, on Thursday, September 29.  We were so surprised to hear the cheers from the audience as we were introduced.  It seems that a large group had come from our home church in Madisonville, Kentucky to support us and to spend a couple of days hearing the gospel music. What a blessing (and surprise)!  We love those folks! The performance went well and we had so many positive comments regarding our music.  We are grateful for the opportunity to reach some that have never heard of The Childress Family.  We appreciate any opportunity to be able to share more about our ministry with others.

We were in Rockport, Kentucky on Sunday morning, September 25, at the Rockport Baptist Church for a homecoming service.  We have doing a lot of those lately and have several more to come.  We had a time getting the bus in a little narrow road beside the parking lot, but Jamey ended up backing it in and we made it just fine.  We found a better way to exit though.  So glad about that!  The church was a wonderful congregation and very kind to us.  We loved the pastor, Bro. Charles Brownd, who just spoke what was on his mind and had a great time!  We like that!!  We enjoyed some wonderful food and fellowship and a great day in the Lord with the folks at Rockport Baptist Church.

On Sunday morning, September 18, we were in Crofton, Kentucky for a homecoming service at the New Palestine Baptist Church.  It was a beautfiul morning and we enjoyed being with the folks there.  It had been several years since we had been at New Palestine.  We enjoyed a wonderful service and some delicious food and fellowship with those folks there.

We woke up to a rainy Saturday morning on September 17, but the Holy Spirit was warm and welcoming at the Mt. Gilead General Baptist Church in Slaughters, Kentucky where the girls went to sing for the Ladies Conference there.  Jennifer Bean was the speaker and our dear friend, Ms. Pauletta Yarbrough, was in charge for the day.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and worship with the ladies of the area.

 We were glad to be at our home church in Madisonville, Kentucky on Sunday morning, September 11 for Harvest Day at Grapevine Baptist Church.  We usually have to sing elsewhere since this is a busy time of year for church homecomings, anniversaries, etc.  We were hoping that our pastor, Dr. Bob Morrison could be with us and bring us his special message for the special day, but apparently the Lord had different plans.  Dr. Bob was, unfortunately, in the hospital after suffering with a blood clot in his lung earlier in the week.  While our congregation was disappointed, we still welcomed the Spirit of the Lord and had an uplifting service.

The Gospel Music Extravaganza in Madisonville, Kentucky kicked off on Friday evening, September 9 with a great crowd in attendance at the Victory Church.  Lambsong opened up the evening with some great music, then we had our turn to share for our part of the evening.  Then the waiting was over as Gold City sang some of their chart topping, award winning and most popular songs, as well as new ones.  They did an absolutely wonderful job and sounded amazing.  We had forgotten just how many hits they sang that we did enjoy.  There was "I Think I'll Read It Again," "I'm Not Giving Up," "It's Still the Cross,", "Midnight Cry" and the list goes on and on.  We were blessed! Then on Saturday, September 10, we were back again for a great afternoon of gospel music.  The rainy, stormy weather sort of hurt our attendance (and our offering) but our spirits weren't dampened.  We were blessed to be joined by our dear friends, Southern Sound, who sound fantastic with their smooth quartet harmonies.  I know that our audience was not disappointed in The Joylanders as they are new to this area, but they welcomed them and thoroughly enjoyed their songs, arrangements and instrumental talents.  It is a shame when a "BIG NAME" can seem to draw in a crowd when there are a lot of groups out there such as Southern Sound and The Joylanders, who sound better than most "BIG NAME" groups.  You sure rob yourself of a real blessing if you don't take the opportunity to hear and support such groups as these in the gospel music field.   

We enjoyed being with the Britmart Baptist Church in Elkton, Kentucky for their homecoming again this year on Sunday morning, August 28.  These are just some sweet, down-to-earth folks who love old time convention congregational songs and sing them right on out there.  We heard a wonderful sermon and enjoyed some wonderful food and fellowship afterwards.  It was a beautiful day at this little country church, and we enjoyed the day with them.

What a special night it was in Bowling Green, Kentucky as we heard the final concert of The Crossmen Quartet!  A special era had come to an end with the passing of their lead singer, Boyce Flener, earlier this year.  The guys just felt like that they needed to step aside for now and wait on the Lord for further direction.  Of course, they will still be singing at their church home and such and spending time with their families, but I think we will hear from The Crossmen again at different times in the future.  We we at the Capitol Arts Theater in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the special night.  We were happy to also be with The Joylanders.  We were also glad to see the house was packed for the special night.  It was an unforgettable night and we appreciate everyone who came out to be with us, especially The Bollingers who drove all the way from Missouri!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning on August 21 and we were glad to share the morning worship with Pastor Mark Gill and the congregation of the Grand Rivers Baptist Church in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.  It is a quaint little town near the Kentucky Lake area with so many little shops and wonderful people.  We had a wonderful service and the best part was to see the gentleman who came forward to share that he had accepted Christ as his Savior earlier in the week.  That's what it is all about!

We were in Cave City, Kentucky on Saturday night, August 13 at the Cave City Convention Center for a concert with The Sneed Family, For Heaven's Sake and Mitch Pullen.  We missed Courtney because she was unable to be with us.  We do appreciate seeing some of our friends from the area.  Of course, we can't say "thank you" enough to our special friends, Brenda Petty and also David and Dorothy Paschall.  They have done so much for our ministry and we love them so much!

We made our yearly visit for a homecoming at the Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church in White Plains, Kentucky on Sunday, August 7.  We love and appreciate Pastor John Shoulta and his wife, Ms. Brenda, who has such a bubbly personality.  We appreciate their continued support of our ministry and all of our endeavors.  We always enjoy seeing and being with them.  We will be there again in 2017 on the first Sunday in August, so make plans to be with us then.

We traveled to Murray, Kentucky on Saturday, July 30 for a concert at the Westside Baptist Church sponsored by the Southern Gospel Singers United.  There was a sweet spirit in the service and we were thrilled to be with other groups, For Heaven's Sake Trio and The Commonwealth Quartet.  We appreciate other members of the SGSU who came out to support the concert, along with members of the church and community. 

We were just thrilled to be with the congregation at the Casky Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on Saturday night, July 23.  This was our first time to be with the folks there, but we sure hope it won't be the last.  Our friend, Bro. Darrell Wilson, who is a fan of gospel music had been wanting us to come to his church, so he was able to coordinate it with Music Minister Greg Rader.  We are glad that things worked out.  Mom and Pastor Jesse Brown were just about to tag team it for "preaching."  They just really seemed to hit it off.  It was good to see other friends there from the area and some of our special friends from home were there too.  Thanks to all of you for coming out.  We also appreciate the congregation of Casky Baptist for making us feel so welcome.

We were excited to be in Eddyville, Kentucky on Sunday evening, June 26 at the Fairview United Methodist Church to help them in celebrating their 125th anniversary.  We appreciate the Ogden Memorial Methodist Church from Princeton coming over to join in the celebration.  There was  a wonderful and very receptive crowd.  Pastor Karen was so welcoming to us.  We appreciate Missy McDaniel for working everything out.  It was also good to see some old friends who were able to join us for the evening.  We also appreciate making the acquaintance of some new friends.  We pray that God continues to do great things through Fairview United Methodist Church as they have shown themselves faithful to Him for 125 years!

We were off to The Barn on Saturday, June 18, and I don't mean the one where the animals live.  Well, this is a former barn where animals might have lived, but it has been converted to a banquet hall and a concert hall.  It is located in West York Illinois and is operated by the Guyers who formed the Crossties Christian Ministries there.  They also operate the Hickory Holler Campground and many of the campers came over to join us for the concert following a delicious buffet dinner.  We had a great crowd and saw some old friends and made some new ones.  We have grown to love all of the Guyers and always look forward to seeing them each year at The Barn. 

We  always enjoy singing at the Riverpark Center in Owensboro, Kentucky for Glenn's Gospel on the River which is part of the Friday After Five events there.  We look forward to seeing so many friends and supporters in that area.  We had some very special visitors who joined us for the evening and it was just a great night.  We enjoyed singing with Living By Faith, The Johnsons and Deena Ashley.  We appreciate Glenn's Funeral Services for sponsoring the gospel concerts.  We hope you will continue to support them in the efforts to keep gospel music as part of the Friday After Five concerts throughout the summer.

What a beautiful day it was on Sunday, May 22 as we traveled to Lewisburg, Kentucky for an afternoon homecoming at the Stuart Chapel Methodist Church for a homecoming there!  We had an old-fasioned dinner on the ground and then moved into the sanctuary for an afternoon of singing and fellowship.  We sang for a while and then several members and visitors in the congregation sang, as well.  We enjoyed hearing those folks and enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with so many folks there.  Thanks to the Stuarts and the Jessups for making our visit with them possible.  They were so kind and generous.  It was a great day!!

We were near Scottsville, Kentucky on Sunday morning, May 15 for Decoration Day, which is kind of like Homecoming Day,  at the Maple Grove General Baptist Church located in Adolphus, Kentucky. We were so happy to be able to be with our wonderful and long-time friends, The Sullivans, who attend church there and are very active members in many ways. They are also singing friends of ours and have been for about 40 years. They are such sweet friends. We appreciate the wonderful way in which the congregation received us and the delicious meal.

We enjoyed a special Ladies Night at the Mt. Gilead General Baptist Church in Slaughters, Kentucky on Tuesday evening, May 10. It was also a celebration for Mothers and Daughters. Teresa, Carla and Mom sang a few songs and then we enjoyed some other music from some of the youth from the church and others. We also heard a wonderful presentation from the speakers who were also a mother and daughter team.

WOW! The Campmeeting services at Grapevine Baptist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky were amazing! Tribute Quartet joined us for special music each evening and delivered some annointed songs. Dr. Bob Morrison brought us some soul-stirring messages and we were just blessed each and every night.  If you missed it, you sure missed a blessing.  We enjoyed getting to sing with the choir and also with Tribute Quartet.  Plans are in the works for another campmeeting in 2017, so we will let you know the details as they are worked out.  You should mark your calendars to join us!

What a great homecoming service we had at the White Mills Baptist Church in White Mills, Kentucky located near Elizabethtown on Sunday morning, May 1. We have been going to White Mills for a dozen years or so and appreciate seeing the faithfulness of so many who are still attending there and developing special friendships with them. They also have some great cooks and we always enjoy the delicious homecoming meals. We look forward to being at White Mills again down the road.

We enjoyed being in Franklin, Kentucky on Saturday evening, April 23 at the Goodnight Auditorium.  The auditorium was on the second floor, so getting the sound equipment in was a little bit of a struggle.  We were grateful for the elevator and those who were there to help get loaded in and out.  We enjoyed seeing the folks in Franklin and also seeing some old friends.  We were blessed by The Johnson Family and Living By Faith.  Each group had family and youth represented.  We were thrilled at the young peopel who were sharing the gospel in song.  Great evenin in Franklin!

We heard a lot of great gospel singers and met some new friends at the Spring Convention of the Southern Gospel Singers United which was held at the Yellow Creek Baptist Church in Cumberland City, Tennessee on Saturday night, April 9.  The best part of the evening was the fact the 4 precious souls came to know the Lord after hearing the gospel in song at the concert.  That is the reason that all of those gospel singers travel around sharing the message in song!

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sing at the Kentucky State Baptist Convention's annual WMU Conference which was held in our hometown of Madisonville, Kentucky at the First Baptist Church.  There were churches represented from all over the state of Kentucky and there was a wonderful spirit of worship.  They didn't worship like a lot of Baptists that we know.  We appreciate their warm reception for our music and had a wonderful time.  We were certainly blessed to be a part of the conference.

What a special service we were blessed to part of at the First Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Good Friday, March 25.  Our dear friend, Bill Thomas, is the Music Minister there and extended the invitation to us a few months ago.  We were thrilled that their choir was able to join us on a couple of songs.  They have some wonderful talent in the church and what a beautiful facility they have there!  We had communion and remembered the sacrifice of our Lord.  It was good to have some special friends with us for the evening too.  Some had traveled several miles to be with us.  And our friends, the Paschalls, attend church at FBC-Bowling Green, sand it is always good to see them.  We were also happy to have our own Music Minister, Joe Christian, ride along with as he and Bill are also good friends.  We appreciate the opportunity to be in Bowling Green.



We hope to see you at a gospel singing soon, but until then we are...

In His Service,
The Childress Family

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