About The Gospel Music Extravaganza







invite you to a     


 Friday, September 8 @ 6:30 pm (CT)

 Saturday, September 9 @ 2:00 pm (CT)

 Held in coordination with the

Hopkins County Tourist & Convention Commission
Madisonville, Kentucky




EXIT 114 from I-69

   FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 @ 6:30 pm (CT)



SEPTEMBER 9 @ 2:00 pm (CT)



  Doors Open One Hour Before Concert


Special Hotel Rates:

Baymont Inn & Suites
Exit 116, 1891 Lantaff Blvd., Madisonville

Double Queen or Standard King - $80 plus taxes/Rate

Comfort Inn & Suites
Exit 116, 545 Powell Drive, Madisonville

$89 plus taxes/Rate

You must mention the GME for special hotel rates!

   For more information call 270-836-8882


Your hosts

Forty-five years ago, The Childress Family began singing throughout the region of Western Kentucky near their home in Madisonville.  They have sung in venues from large concert halls such as the National Quartet Convention to small church auditoriums where they are right at home.  This adds to their credibility and reputation of long-standing perseverance and commitment to ministry.


The Perrys 2017 


Appearing Friday

The Perrys are an award winning gospel music group who sing traditional songs with moving lyrics. They have been singing for 45 years and have been a favorite mixed group for many years. The have had numerous #1 songs and will bring a spirit-filled concert to reach each audience member.  




Appearing Friday

The Conquerors Quartet from Indiana is an exciting group with a great following throughout this region. They have a traditional sound that is a favorite among Southern Gospel Music lovers.    


2017 tribute press  TRIBUTE QUARTET

Appearing Saturday

Tribute Quartet has quickly grown to be one of the favorite male quartets in Southern Gospel music. With several awards and chart-topping songs, they continue to bless and inspire audiences all over the world.    




For Heavens Sake 


Appearing Saturday

For Heavens' Sake from Murray, Kentucky have a smooth blend and will encourage and minister with their songs. 





Phone:  270-825-1459

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you'd like information about anything on the Childress Family site, or would like to schedule the Childress Family to participate in your service or event, please email or give us a call.


Here will be the store with the albums and stuff.

Promotional Materials

8 x 12 Promotional Posters (Click to open a downloadable PDF)

Childress Family in Concert  Childress Family Christmas Concert


8 x 10 Promotional Photo (Click to open a downloadable PDF)

The Childress Family






09/29/2017  Friday, 6:00 pm (ET)
PIGEON FORGE, TN - NATIONAL QUARTET CONVENTION MAIN STAGE-Leconte Center (Teatser Lane) Ticketed-Our scheduled time will be during the final hour of the evening.

10/01/2017  Sunday, 6:00 pm (CT)
MADISONVILLE,KY - Grapevine Baptist Church-New CD Worth It All Premier- We will be singing the songs from our brand new CD! 

10/15/2017  Sunday, 1:30 pm (CT)
HIDALGO, IL - Hidalgo Independent Christian Church-Harvest Home Celebration (227 West Harrison)

10/22/2017  Sunday, 6:00 pm (CT)
OWENSBORO, KY - Walnut Memorial Baptist Church (519 West Byers Avenue)

11/04/2017  Saturday, 6:30 pm (CT)
MADISONVILLE, KY - Private Event

11/18/2017  Saturday, 5:00 pm (CT) Banquet/ 6:00 pm (CT) CHRISTMAS CONCERT 
EVANSVILLE, IN - Howell General Baptist Church-Gifts of Love Banquet-ticketed 812-425-6492 (1520 Delmar Avenue)

12/03/2017  Sunday, 5:00 pm (CT) CHRISTMAS CONCERT
MANITOU, KY - Concord General Baptist Church (3085 Manitou Road)

12/16/2017  Saturday, 6:00 pm (CT) CHRISTMAS CONCERT
MADISONVILLE, KY - Grapevine Baptist Church w/ choir (85 Sancut Road)

12/17/2017  Sunday, 10:45 am (CT) CHRISTMAS CONCERT 
MADISONVILLE, KY - Grapevine Baptist Church w/choir (85 Sandcut Road)


03/04/2018  Sunday, 6:00 pm (CT)
OAKLAND, KY - Berea Christian Church (2525 Gotts-Hydro Road-Near Bowling Green)

04/292018  Sunday, 6:00 pm (CT)
BENTON, KY - New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church (4817 Symsonia Highway)

05/27/2018  Sunday, 1:30 pm (CT)
LEWISBURG, KY - Stuart's Chapel (6002 Stuarts Chapel Road)- Homecoming 

06/03/2018  Sunday, 10:30 am (CT)
MORGANTOWN, KY - Belmont Baptist Church (3080 Brownsville Road) - Homecoming

06/15/2018  Friday, 7:00 pm (CT)
OWENSBORO, KY - Riverpark Center-Gospel On The River Concert Series (101 Daviess Street)

06/16/2018  Saturday, 7:00 pm (CT)
BOWLING GREEN, KY - Capitol Arts Theater (416 East Main Street)

07/21/2018  Saturday, 6:00 pm (CT)
WEST YORK, IL - The Barn-Crossties Christian Ministries (9876 E. 2000th Avenue) www.crosstiescm.org  Admission is free (Buffet dinner at 4:30 pm-ticketed)

08/05/2018  Sunday, 11:00 am (CT)
WHITE PLAINS, KY - Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church (11504 Mt. Carmel Road, Highway 813) -Homecoming





We hope you enjoy these videos of the Childress Family in Concert!


Ken and Marlene Childress

Ken and Marlene Childress began singing with their children, Teresa, Carla and Shannon, over 45 years ago. Ken had been singing with a quartet called The Golden Keys. But when he and Marlene discovered that their children were blessed with the ability to sing harmony and play instruments at a young age, they decided to form The Childress Family. Teresa played the piano and a short time later, Carla picked up the bass guitar and began to play. Their son, Shannon, was a high tenor singer until about age 13, when his voice went to the other end of the spectrum and he sang low bass.

Marlene has been blessed with the ability to write some wonderful songs that have been recorded by numerous artists in the gospel music industry. She and son, Shannon, wrote "From Disgrace to His Grace" which was recorded by The Hoppers and was nominated as Song of the Year at the Singing News Fan Awards in 1994. Marlene still sings and handles most of the dialogue for the family. She has a sincere sensitivity of the Holy Spirit which reflects in every service atmosphere. Ken is no longer able to travel with the family due to health limitations but is still a big fan of gospel music and the family ministry.

Teresa Lutz

Teresa Childress Lutz is the pianist and alto singer for the family group. She also writes a lot of the music for her mother, Marlene's, songs. When her brother, Shannon, left the family group in 1986 to join The Hoppers in North Carolina on a full time basis, Teresa's husband, Jamey, joined The Childress Family. 

Jamey Lutz

Jamey was no stranger to gospel music. He sang with Teresa during their teen years at church, but was also a member of a church quartet called The Templemen. Jamey is a favorite with his smooth lead voice.

Courtney Lutz

Courtney Lutz is the daughter of Jamey and Teresa. She is a 2012 graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where she was in the Honors Program and earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree.  She graduated magna cum laude from Belmont College of Law in May, 2015. She is licensed to practice law in Kentucky and in Tennessee and is also a practicing attorney. Courtney used to only sing a song or two on each program, but has now become a full time fixture in every concert setting where she steals the heart of the crowd with her charisma and vocal ability.

Carla Childress

Carla Childress is the soprano singer and the bass player for the family group. She picked up the bass guitar a short while after the family started singing together and is one of the smoothest bassists around. She has been blessed with the knack to pick up most any stringed instrument and be able to play something on it. In her spare time, Carla enjoys playing with her dogs and being outdoors. But most of all, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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